Kerala, the tranquil piece of land which lies at the southern tip of India is considered as one of the most special destinations on the planet. Otherwise known as ‘God’s own country’, this tropical paradise offers a bunch of attractions to travelers of all kinds. Irrespective of whoever is looking, wherever they are looking from or whatever they are looking for, Kerala looks gorgeous.

Lush greenery interspersed with long meandering rivers, lakes, backwaters, mountain ranges and ravishing beaches has won the hearts of tourists. Nature has showered its bounties on this land and the serene ambience lends refreshing experience-an etching that they fondly recall. Every bit of land has something unique to experience.

Geography and climate
Kerala lies to the north of the equator between 8° 18' and 12° 48' north latitude and 74° 52' and 77° 24' east longitude. Kerala has an area of 38,863 which is about 1.03 percent of the total area of India. It has a total coastline of 580 km.

Kerala is divided into three geographical regions

• Midlands
• Lowlands

Kerala is a land of water bodies. 44 rivers run across the length and breadth of the land. Besides these, a number of backwater lagoons make it so uniquely rich of water. The life of people in Kerala is so much influenced by the presence of these intertwining waterways. Agriculture, food habits, transportation etc. are all affected by them. Kerala’s climate is predominantly tropical. The temperature varies within 270 C and 320 C. The southwest and north east monsoon visits the place every year. It usually ranges from June to October every year.


Kerala the destination for a green experience has been the haunt of tourists, travelers, voyagers and merchants from every corner of the world for more than 2000 years. Phoenicians were the first to land in Kerala and thereafter followed by Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and the English.

Kerala has a rich history of agriculture and trade. It was one of the most sought after points for traders in ancient times. Specially known for world renowned spices, Kerala fascinated people from all corners of the world. Various missionaries have made Kerala their home resulting in a symbiotic relationship which paved way for significant changes in the fortune of this place.

Culture and Art forms
Kerala’s culture is truly one of its kind. Here everyone feels at home and no one is an alien. Hospitality is a part of daily life even in the remotest places of Kerala. All major different religious sects of India co-exist here in harmony here. Go to any random place in Kerala and look around, you are at a hub of faiths. This 100% literate state has wonderful offering of aesthetic treats in the form of its art forms and festivals.

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