Kerala Travel Tips

Kerala Travel Tips - For every one:

  • Travel with as less luggage as possible. Most of what you need is available locally.
  • Do enjoy the Kerala delicacies but take care not to eat from the unhygienic roadside stalls. It is advisable to drink only the packaged drinking water or mineral water.
  • Since Kerala’s climate is largely tropical, carry loose fitting cottons clothes, sunglasses and sun block lotions. If you are planning to visit to the hill stations you may require a light blanket /sweater.
  • Please remember that most temples do not allow foreign tourists and non-Hindus to enter. Even Hindu men are allowed into the sanctum only bare-chested and slip on a dhoti and not trousers. Do remember to remove your footwear as you enter the temples.
  • Photography is restricted in many temples, museum and wildlife sanctuaries. Do obtain permissions or special tickets for using the camera where necessary.
  • Kerala’s magnetism is wide spread and the number of tourists visiting this destination is ever increasing. Hence it is advisable to book your tickets and make reservations well in advance.
  • The banks of Kerala operate between 10 am and 2 pm, Monday to Friday except on public holidays.
  • The best season to visit this tranquil state is from October to March. Not only is the climate pleasant and windy, this is also the festival season and brings out the best performing and ritual arts performances.
  • Do remember to save the bills, vouchers tickets and vouchers amassed on your Kerala tour. These may be required for customs clearance while leaving the country.
  • The police are contactable by dialing 100 and the fire & rescue team and ambulance services respond to 101.
  • Use of drugs and narcotics is a heavily punishable offence in Kerala.

Kerala Travel Tips - For International Tourists:

  • International Tourists should carry their original Passport and Visa with them while visiting Kerala. Also do carry some ID on you at all times.
  • You may need to make a declaration of your baggage as you disembark in one of the airports of Kerala. Although there is no limit to the amount of foreign currency you bring in, you may be required to fill up a Currency Declaration Form if the value of foreign currency you bring in is greater than US$ 10000 /equivalent.
  • Instead of bringing in physical cash its better to bring in Travelers’ Checks and Credit Cards.
  • Use of cash can be avoided as most hotels and accommodations accept major credit cards such as Am Ex, Masters, Diners and Visa.
  • Change your foreign currency into INR (Indian Rupees) only through authorized foreign currency exchange agents. Most established hotels either have such a forex desk or can arrange for the same.
  • A Visa to Kerala, India could be valid from anywhere between 15 days to 6 months. If you require an extension on the Visa, please do apply well in advance to- Foreigners Registration Office.


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